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Stuart McLean

Stuart Mclean has been DJing since 1996 when he bought his first set of Technics 1210ís, although had been collecting records since the early 90s so had built up a huge collection before actually starting DJing.

Like most other DJs he started off just making mix tapes in his bedrooms for his mates and submitting various mixes to radio stations.

He eventually moved down south with work and caught his first residencies at Bar Cuba (Newbury) and Fez Club (Reading), staying true to his style and playing Soulful House and U.S Garage to a packed audience every week.
After a few years he moved back home and took a break for a couple of years, eventually landing a residency at Bar Enigma in his hometown, this was a pre-club bar and the only one of its kind in his hometown of Coatbridge. He took up the main Saturday night slot , allowing him to stay true to his cemented style of Soulful House and finishing the night off with a classics hour which went down well with a clued up crowd. During his residency at Enigma he was asked to take up a new club night , which ran once Enigma finished.

Stuart took up residency at the promoted Priory of Sion nights where the bill was topped by the best of what Scotland had to offer including Kris Keegan, Lisa Littlewood and Jon Mancini with Stuart as the main resident. This eventually came to an end and Stuart went back to promoting one off events himself, with a few nights done in Motherwell. As well as appearing on the bill at Scottish Soulful Weekender in the goldmine room.

He still runs the successful Gedi Knights boxing day bash alongside Ryan Kerr and Alan Lawson but now focuses much of his time musically on his radio show The Soulful Sessions which is run as part of the Fundamentally House stable. The show is now being firmly established and with another slot at Scottish Soulful Weekender, he hopes the next residency is just around the corner.

Catch Stuart every Sunday for The Soulful Sessions from 3pm -5pm on Fundamentally House Radio

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